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March 11, 2020 - (Benton Harbor, MI) When the Romero Family was looking for an investment opportunity in Southwest Michigan, they landed in downtown Coloma, a place they now call home. In 2013, Federico and Maira opened El Asadero, a restaurant featuring a mix of delicious Mexican and Colombian cuisine. As the business grew, they added a walk-up window to include fruit, ice cream and a variety of snacks for their on-the-go customers. However, a fire at the restaurant in 2018 destroyed their business kitchen and apartment. During the three months it took them to rebuild, they were sent numerous messages from customers and fellow business owners offering a helping hand to get them back in operation. It was then when they knew Coloma was where they wanted to be for many more years to come.

The Romero’s purchased a new home for their family in downtown Coloma that year, where they are raising their three children, two of which are employees of the business. James Polasak, Mayor of the City of Coloma, said "I am glad they chose to invest in Coloma, where we have a strong family-owned and operated community. They operate a great restaurant, get involved with community and treat their customers like family."

In 2019, they purchased the former Shingle Diggins restaurant at 147 North Paw Paw Street. Federico immediately got to work on renovating the building’s façade and interior. Their new restaurant, Las Magonadas, named after a popular Mexican frozen treat, is set to open March 8, 2020. The concept for this new venture will be to expand their fruit, ice cream, and snack business into a local hangout for the community. Jonathan Romero, the oldest son says "Having a space to socialize, enjoy a frozen dessert, or gather to do homework year around is needed in my home town."

"Working with the Romero family has been exciting," says Dubelsa Mata-Garcia, Business Development Counselor at the Women's Business Center. “By investing and growing their business, they add value to the community, and create growth opportunities for their staff."

Visit Las Mangonadas at 147 N. Paw Paw St., and try their frozen yogurt and ice cream, in such flavors as: mango, tequila, rum raisin, coconut, cookies and cream, vanilla, lime, Ferrero Rocher, mint chocolate chip, guava, chocolate, strawberry and more! Visit their Facebook page for more information fb.me/lasmangonadascoloma.

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