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State Resources

Michigan.gov Online Services - http://www.michigan.gov/onlineservices
If you ever considered starting a business, and you just don’t know where to start, you can find all you need to know from the Michigan.gov website. This website allows you to register your business and obtain all of the necessary permits and tax licenses to be a legal business entity in Michigan.

Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) - http://www.michiganbusiness.org/start-up/business-assistance/#guidance
Michigan is committed to your business success. From operating guidance to capital funding to technology assistance, these resources can help your business start-up become more than just an idea waiting to happen.

LARA - Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs - http://www.michigan.gov/lara
The Corporations, Securities, and Commercial Licensing Bureau supports business growth and job creation while protecting the health, safety, and welfare of Michigan's citizens through a simple, fair, efficient, and transparent regulatory structure.

UIA - Unemployment Insurange Agency - http://www.michigan.gov/uia
The Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) administers the unemployment insurance program in Michigan and offers two online services for employers. The first, eRegistration, can be utilized to register a business for an unemployment insurance account. The second, Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM), can be utilized to manage an unemployment account electronically and allows employers access to other automated services and functions within UIA.