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About the Presenter(s)

This webinar is presented by Barbara Moore, Associate Attorney at Varnum Attorney at Law in Grand Rapids

Cliff Allen

Cliff Allen, Human Resources Project Specialist at Spectrum Lakeland Health in St. Joseph.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers have had to wrestle with many difficult questions and situations with their employees. As pandemic conditions persist, even more questions have arisen on top of the old, unanswered ones. What PPE protocols can employers require? Can you fire employees afraid to come to work? Who is considered an essential employee? What new legal risks do businesses face amidst this pandemic, and how can they protect themselves from such risks? How do employers show compassion for their employees while maintaining their workforce and workflow? How do you provide considerations for unique situations while maintaining fairness for all of your employees? In this seminar, these questions and more will be answered as our two guest experts from the legal and human resources field explain how their companies have traversed these issues, and how yours should consider doing so as well.